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Do you have questions about recruiting at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland?

We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked ones. We hope they will be helpful for you.

I am looking for a job; I would like to apply to MBMPL.

Please visit our website https://mercedes-benz-jawor.com.pl/en/career/ where all positions for recruitment are currently published. To submit your application, select a specific position and click ‘’view”, then you will be transferred to our Taleo recruitment system where you will complete the appropriate questionnaires and attach the required documents. Sending your application via the electronic system is the only way to apply to MBMPL.

Do I have to attach my CV in a foreign language?

It depends on the job offer and the requirements for the position. If the advertisement requires the knowledge of English/German, it would be advised to send a CV in that given language.

What does the recruitment process look like?

Stage 1. Submission of application – The only possibility of submitting your application is through the electronic system. If you are interested in our job offers, all you need to do is click the ‘’Apply” button on the website pracuj.pl on the position you are interested in. You will automatically be transferred to our Taleo recruitment system. The second option is to apply directly through the website https://mercedes-benz-jawor.com.pl/en/, click the ‘Career’ tab and choose the offer you are interested in, fill in the questionnaire, answer all questions and attach your CV.

Stage 2. CV selection comes next and our recruitment team analyzes the submitted applications. Please be patient due to the huge interest as this process may take a while. By matching the submitted documents to the desired profile defining the qualifications and competences necessary for a given position we then select likely candidates who we then make direct contact with.

Stage 3. Interview – During the interview process, you will have the opportunity to meet your future supervisor and a specialist from the HR department. Throughout the interview you will present your professional experience, required qualifications and personalityJ. The important thing is not to be stressed as the conversations are conducted in a friendly atmosphere.

Stage 4. Results of the interview –  at this stage you will be informed about the result of your interview. If you are applying for administrative positions, you will receive a result message by e-mail or by phone. On the other hand, if you are interested in a production position, recruitment agencies will provide you with information on the outcome of the processes. Also remember that due to the necessity to interview all candidates who meet the formal requirements of the position, these processes take about a month.

Stage 5. On boarding – At this stage you will learn about the health and safety rules in place within the company and you will deepen your knowledge about the history of the company. You will have the opportunity to get to know First Line – that is our directors and managers and you will get a welcome package containing lots of company gadgets and useful information about the company.

The induction of a new employee is a priority for us and we will be happy to help you adapt to your new working environment. Thanks to the involvement of our specialists and extensive training you will quickly and easily adapt to your duties and learn about all of the current rules in the company.

How long does it take to select a CV?

Due to the amount of recruitment processes and a large number of applicants we need some time to carefully analyze all applications. We make every effort to minimize the waiting time for a response which may take up to several months. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience.

I would like to apply for more than one job offer.

If you believe that you have predispositions and the necessary qualifications for several different positions, we encourage you to apply for the job offers of your choice. Please remember to select offers for a specific reason, not accidentally.

I study and I want to do an internship at MBMPL. Who can I contact regarding this matter?

Of course, if you want to do an internship in our company, this is an option. For this purpose, please contact via email: praktyki_jawor@daimler.com

Can I write a thesis about MBMPL?

Yes, it is possible to write a thesis about MBMPL, but only if you are an employee of Mercedes-Benz. In order to agree to all conditions and details please contact the HR department.

I have completed the job interview at MBMPL. How long do I have to wait for feedback?

Waiting for feedback takes about a month. If the recruitment process takes any longer, the HR department will inform you about the situation. In relation to CVs submitted by recruitment agencies cooperating with us, please contact the agency consultants directly.

Will I get feedback in connection with the recruitment process?

See question: What does the recruitment process look like (stage 4).

I applied for a position that interests me. How do I check if my application has been received?

If you submitted your application via our website the Taleo recruitment system will indicate which roles your application was sent to. Additionally, you will receive confirmation via e-mail.

In relation to submitted CVs through recruitment agencies, please contact agency consultants directly.

Are your job offers up to date?

Yes, the offers on the website are valid.

I would like to update my CV in the Taleo system, how can I do it?

In order to update your profile in the Taleo system simply log in and click the “attachments” tab.

What salary can I count on?

Due to the confidentiality of the remuneration policy, rates are not public. You will receive information about the proposed salary if you are successful in the recruitment process

In case of failure, can I re-apply to Mercedes-Benz manufacturing Poland?

We assume that a person develops and improves their skills every day, thanks to which you may meet the expectations of a given position in the future so therefore it is possible to re-apply.

I would like to work part-time, is it possible?

We currently employ full-time employees.

My friend is an experienced employee who meets the requirements of the offer. Can I recommend her/him as part of the referral system?

There are no employee recommendation systems at MBMPL.

Does the interview take place in the company or is it possible to hold a recruitment meeting via Skype?

This issue is to be agreed individually with the recruiter during a telephone interview.

I do not have time to apply to the system. Can I send my CV to the recruiter’s e-mail address in the job offer?

The only possibility of submitting your application is through the electronic Taleo system, so if you are interested in job offers please visit the website at https://mercedes-benz-jawor.com.pl/en/ (Career tab), select adequate offers, fill in the form and attach all necessary documents. Applications sent to the recruiter’s email address cannot be considered.

Do I need to add a cover letter to the application?

It’s not obligatory, but if you do, the recruiter will be able to understand your motivation and know what your goals in relation to professional development.

What benefits can I count on?

Benefits are available on the link

What attire is required at work?

When working in production positions, employees receive company work clothes. Dress code does not apply to administrative positions.

I live within a 70 km radius of the factory. Will I get a refund for my daily commute?

Mercedes-Benz does not offer a refund for commuting regardless of distance.

Can I use employee transport?

If you are a Mercedes-Benz employee and work in a shift pattern, you can take advantage of a free employee transport. The timetable can be found here: https://mercedes-benz-jawor.com.pl/en/mbmpl-employee-transport/

I have a question about job responsibilities in a given position. How can I ask this question?

The scope of duties for a given position is included in the job offer. You will receive additional information directly during the interview process.