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Why is it worth working with us?

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We are a large organization with an established position in the market. We provide jobs to over 1200 people in the region and we are developing dynamically.

We are a close-knit team of people willing to achieve successes together. We support each other every day and we extend a helping hand.

The key components at Mercedes are: robots (traditional and collaborative), virtual reality, IoT solutions, and data analytics, but most importantly human-machine cooperation.

We put safety at work first. We deepen our employee’s knowledge, use technology. We listen to our employees and constantly make improvements to the workplace.

We support our employees in achieving their professional goals by offering training programs that enable them to expand their technical and specialist knowledge. As a result, our employees develop within the structures of the company and associate their careers with us.

By employing people from all over the world, we have the opportunity to exchange experiences and it allows us to overcome conventional thinking and actions. This approach promotes innovation and builds the company’s competitiveness.

Honesty, passion, respect, and discipline are the values that reflect our daily work. Creating the DNA of our organizational culture.

The balance between working life and private life ensures well-being, satisfaction with achieved goals, and influences efficiency in the implementation of daily duties.

We obtain energy from renewable sources such as wind and biomass, thus remaining completely neutral in terms of CO2 emissions. Our factory is powered by renewable energy from the nearby Taczalin wind farm. In addition, we organize employee transport to minimize exhaust fume emissions into the air and build environmental awareness by organizing competitions with attractive prizes. Five bee hives have appeared on the premises of our company in line with the idea of sustainable development.

We are not indifferent to difficult situations. As employees, we focus on providing help wherever it is needed. We are involved in charity campaigns. We also organize voluntary blood donations.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer benefits.

We care about active recreation. We encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle by offering subsidized participation to the OK System and the opportunity to get involved in sports clubs including basketball, football, volleyball, cycling and running.

We appreciate the creative potential of our employees who share their innovative ideas. This is why we have created SPO (expand), improving the functions and processes within the company. The best ideas are always rewarded.

We try to make the information reach the largest number of employees by using various communication channels, such as: Social Intranet, employee newsletter, mailing, Social Media, large screens.

We know how important it is to choose the right professional path, therefore, under our patronage, we have created two classes with mechatronics and electro- mechanics profiles. Additionally, we organize regular meetings of GirlsGotechnology attended by young, ambitious female students. We also cooperate with universities, providing practices and student internships.

We support the local community by organizing various initiatives, e.g. we plant trees, cooperate with local entrepreneurs, support football teams, organize collections for shelters, and renovate nearby orphanages and nursing homes.

Your health is your wealth, which is why we organize preventive breast examinations and vaccinations. Employees also have the opportunity to avail of COVID-19 tests.