Girls GO Technology already know how to speak and be listened to

You make a great presentation, after which it turns out that the audience only remembers your high pitch or fidgety gestures more than the content. How to speak, let us be listened to?

This was mastered by the participants from the latest workshop from the Girls GO Technology project. During the 2 days of online classes, they learned the importance of self-awareness within presentation, body language and intonation. They investigated emotions, gestures, attitudes and an array of words that could influence someone towards their idea/s. Now Girls know how to speak and be listened to, and they have plenty to say.

The partners of “Girls GO Technology 2020” include: Siemens Poland, Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK”, Educational Cluster Invest in EDU, Girls Code Fun Foundation, Stabilis, Randstad Polska.

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Eko Gwiazda / Jawor edition – awards are given!

• 5th edition of the ecological competition Eko Gwiazda / Jawor edition resolved.
• The jury assessed the works of students from secondary schools in the following regions: Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych.
• The winner was Eliza Gałka from High School No. 1 in Jawor.

Girls GO Technology – why the workshops prepared by Mercedes proved to be a hit?

Mobile applications, websites, self-presentation, innovative businesses and the secrets of getting a dream job – these are the issues that tamed 16 girls for six months as part of Girls GO Technology – a Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland project addressed to students from the Jawor Region and the surrounding area.

Eko Gwiazda/Jawor edition – we know the winners!

The 3rd edition of the ecological competition Eko Gwiazda/Jawor has been concluded. The jury assessed the work of students from secondary schools in Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych and selected the winner.