Girls Go Technology

“Girls GO Technology” wins the PR Wings competition!

"Girls GO Technology" - the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland project, carried out in cooperation with Kawałek Świata - Media agency, took first place in the PR Wings competition, in the corporate PR category.

“Girls GO Technology” awarded with a Brązowy Spinacz!

Another award for the activities of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland which has awoken the female potential.

Girls GO Technology – why the workshops prepared by Mercedes proved to be a hit?

Mobile applications, websites, self-presentation, innovative businesses and the secrets of getting a dream job – these are the issues that tamed 16 girls for six months as part of Girls GO Technology – a Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland project addressed to students from the Jawor Region and the surrounding area.

Girls GO Technology already know how to speak and be listened to

You make a great presentation, after which it turns out that the audience only remembers your high pitch or fidgety gestures more than the content. How to speak, let us be listened to?

From idea to business – another Girls GO Technology workshop

How innovative ideas are created, how to check if the idea will work and how to start earning money from an idea. These are the topics for the next online workshop from the Girls GO Technology 2020 project.

“Girls GO Technology” met online and designed websites

It is logical that the next #Girls GO Technology workshop took place online. As learning moved almost entirely online, participants in the Girls GO Technology program turned their rooms into small front-end offices for a few hours and expanded their programming knowledge.