Jawor – a new chapter in the history of Mercedes-Benz

The history of Mercedes-Benz is the history of the automotive industry, which began over 130 years ago. It is also the history of the visionary business acumen of its founders and the people they encountered along their path. Thanks to these encounters and work, their ideas could became inventions, and these inventions went on to change the world.

The multimedia exhibition hosted by the Regional Museum in Jawor offers a unique invitation into the world of Mercedes Benz and it is not only addressed to car fans. One of the many attractions awaiting the visitors is the replica of the world’s first high-speed engine, constructed in 1884 by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, used in the first carriage among others. The visitors will also have a chance to see the ultramodern OM 654 engine, which is the most advanced design among take out compression-ignition engines. We are convinced that this exposition will allow visitors to feel the spirit of the automotive world as well as familiarising themselves with the Mercedes-Benz significant contribution to the development of the global automotive industry over the past 130 years.



The official opening of the exhibition took place on 3 March 2017 under the honorary patronage of Emilian Bera, the Mayor of Jawor.
The exposition is held in partnership with the Regional Museum of Jawor.

We invite you to view our gallery.