Mercedes-Benz leader of premium brands

In the first half-year of 2017, Mercedes-Benz achieved record results of sales of new vehicles. Clients bought over a million cars, which makes the manufacturer the world leader in the premium class.

In June, Mercedes-Benz closed the best half-year on the Polish market and on the world market in the history of the company. From January to June, 6,838 new Mercedes passenger cars were registered, and in the second quarter of this year, the manufacturer was the leader of premium car brands, both among individual and corporate clients.

Mercedes-Benz also remains the leader of the world market. In June, the manufacturer was the strongest brand in its segment in its home country Germany, but also in Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada and Brazil. In Europe, Mercedes-Benz also achieved record results in the first half-year, selling 484,120 cars, i.e. 8.9% more than in the analogous period of last year.

However, the greatest increase of sales was achieved in the Asia and Pacific region, where from January to June 2017, 438,710 new Mercedes cars, i.e. 26.7% more than last year, were purchased. Record results were also achieved in USA, Canada and Mexico, where 193,399 cars were bought in total.

While strengthening its position of market leader, Mercedes-Benz continues to expand its offer. In the last half-year, a new addition was the electric drive Smart. In June, the European deliveries of the model began. It is available in 2 bodywork versions – for-two and for-four.