OM 617 Engine

OM 617 Engine was the first 5-cylinder, in-line Mercedes-Benz diesel car engine used in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century, mainly in 240 D model, known as Strich-Acht in Germany, and as popular “eagle-owl” in Poland. The engine was a compromise between the weaker 4-cylinder OM 616 model and stronger, but also much bigger 6-cylinder engines. Thanks to its relatively small size it could be mounted transversely, but it yielded more power than its 4-cylinder predecessor. OM 617 is considered to be one of the most reliable engines ever made. In comparison to other diesels, cars with this engine were more efficient and allowed for the use of alternative fuels, e.g. with addition of vegetable oils or biodiesel.

 1977 saw the advent of diesel engines with a turbocharger which significantly increased their power. OM 617 D30 A was a 111 hp (later 121 hp) unit used in an S-Class W116 limousine (300 SD) in a version available exclusively on the US market. 300 SD model offered reduced fuel consumption, which made it popular across North America. As for Europe, turbodiesel engine made its appearance in 1980 in a 300 TD (S 123) model dedicated specifically for this market, and S-Class Turbodiesel appeared only in 1992 in a (W140) 300 SD model.