OM 642 – engine with BlueTEC system

In 2006, a new era dawned for diesel engines with the advent of the BlueTEC system. This technology was designed to dramatically reduce nitrogen oxides emission – the only exhaust component which was still produced in excess by diesel engines in comparison to gasoline engines as a result of their principle of operation. BlueTEC is a modular system which effectively reduces harmful substance emissions in vehicles with diesel engines. It includes various, mutually compatible technological improvements, which firstly limit substance emission in the engine, and secondly effectively neutralise pollutants present in exhaust gas. The total amount of significant pollutants is reduced to a minimum. It uses mainly oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter.

BlueTEC is based on two catalytic systems (DeNOx and SCR) and a solution based on ammonia. Ammonia reacts chemically with nitrogen oxide transforming most of it into water and nitrogen. This new technology was first used in Mercedes-Benz E 320 BLUETEC, available only in the USA, as in California and several other states the limits are particularly strict.