Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

MBMPL employee transport – new timetable from 23/03/2021

We take care of safe and convenient transport for employees to the factory in Jawor. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland provides employee transport on 6 lines: Lubin – Fabryka (download pdf) Legnica – Fabryka (download pdf) Boguszów Gorce – Kamienna Góra – [...]


#EarthHour in the factory in Jawor

On March 27, at 20:30, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland joined millions of people around the world who turned off their lights for an hour as part of the WWF campaign. The Polish action was carried out under the slogan "Save the [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

The Mercedes factory in Jawor is the best employer in the automotive industry!

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland took first place in the Forbes Poland "Poland's Best Employers 2021" ranking in the automotive sector (65th overall). In anonymous surveys conducted among employees, about 1,800 companies employing at least 250 people were surveyed and the 300 [...]

Mniejsze2. Silniki _36

Mechatronics internship classes at the engine factory

Since September 2020, 2 girls and 28 boys from the District Centre for Vocational and Continuing Education (PCKZiU) have been attending an internship at the Mercedes factory. Under the supervision of foremen and operators, 30 students from PCKZiU mechatronics class [...]

baner www_kopia

Electromechanics – A subsidized educational program for the battery factory

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, in cooperation with the Automotive School Complex in Legnica, opens vocational classes for the battery factory with an electromechanical educational program. Modern laboratories and internships at our plant in Jawor await students. Recruitment starts in May. What [...]


Solidarity in fighting gender inequality

Equality, a culture of recognition and mutual respect are features that are important to the entire Daimler concern, including the employees of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. From the very beginning, the factory focuses on skills and knowledge and does not define [...]

dzień kobiet www2

International Women’s Day at the Mercedes factory

For the 111th time, we are celebrating Women's Day, established in memory of the women's strikes in New York in November 1909. On March 8, it reminds us that women had to fight for the right to work and decent [...]

grafika Kuźnia Girls fragm

Girls come out to play!

There was only one girl in the Kuźnia Football Club team – Zosia in September 2018. Mercedes decided that it was necessary to change this and began to encourage the club's officials to think about establishing a girl’s football team. [...]

wyborcza wośp_tytuł

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland for WOŚP and the region

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has auctioned the cover of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Wrocław for the Great Orchestra Christmas Charity. In the Friday (19 February 2021) issue of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, in the “Tygodnik Wrocław” supplement (print and online) there was also an article [...]

universum ranking 1

Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor is one of the most attractive employers in Poland

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland won the competition for the most attractive employer in Poland in the category of Engineering! Over 16,000 Polish students from 71 universities participated in the research. It is the largest contest of its kind in the world, [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland walentynki

The heart of Mercedes “Made in Poland” for Valentine’s Day

Engines and batteries from the factory in Jawor, engraved “Made in Poland”, are sent to factories around the world and installed in nearly ten car models. Recent years have seen many Mercedes successes in the Polish market: for the fourth [...]

zdj fb

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Eurostat surveys show that the Lower Silesia region has the least amount of women in Poland (approx. 40%) involved in science and engineering. At Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland as much as 40% of the workforce consists of well-educated and trained women. [...]

Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

MBMPL employee transport – new timetable from 8/02/2021

We take care of safe and convenient transport for employees to the factory in Jawor. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland provides employee transport on 5 lines: Lubin – Fabryka (download pdf) Legnica – Fabryka (download pdf) Boguszów Gorce – Kamienna Góra – [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, February 2021

Winter factory

Mercedes factory in Jawor, February 2021

1. Braz_PR_korporacyjny_Girls_Go_Technology

“Girls GO Technology” awarded with a Brązowy Spinacz!

Another award for the activities of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland which has awoken the female potential. In December 2020, the Mercedes factory in Jawor was awarded the title of ‘Female Friendly Company’ in the Women’s Faces Economic election for activities aimed [...]

mniejsze www

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland plays together with the Great Orchestra Christmas Charity

As every year, we play with the Great Orchestra Christmas Charity! We donated Mercedes gadgets to the auction in Jawor. Where and when can you fight for them? Friday, January 29, 18: 00-20: 00 - a small stand near the [...]

minatura wpis zatrudnienie 01.2021

The Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland crew already consists of 1185 people!

We welcomed 2021 as a group of 1,185 people with 40% of that group being women. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland promotes women in the workplace. It is a positive phenomenon throughout the Mercedes factory network. The fact is that our female employees [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland fabryka baterii

“Made in Jawor” batteries already power 5 500 plug-in hybrids

Over 2.5 million new Mercedes passenger cars and vans reached customers around the world last year including 160,000 plug-in hybrids and fully electric hybrids, which was a threefold increase compared to 2019. The production of “Made in Jawor” batteries began [...]

Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

MBMPL employee transport – new timetable from 12/01/2021

We take care of safe and convenient transport for employees to the factory in Jawor. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland provides employee transport on 3 lines: – Lubin – Legnica – Factory (download pdf) – Wałbrzych – Świebodzice – Strzegom – Rogoźnica [...]

Nowy Rok 2020-21

Happy New Year!

With the best New Year's wishes!


Mercedes Christmas bus at the Market Square in Jawor

During the long winter evenings, if you want to preserve the Christmas spirit, it’s worth going for a walk around the Market Square in Jawor. The Mercedes light bus is waiting for passengers;)

Kartka Świąteczna 1 str

Christmas video postcard from factory

We truly hope the Christmas Season brings you joy, full health, happiness and that 2021 will be brimming with prosperity and grant many opportunities for personal growth and professional endeavors. CEO, CFO and Team of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland


We support participants from the Occupational Therapy Workshops from Jawor

This year we accommodated participants from the Occupational Therapy Workshops from Jawor, as we did last year. Such visits are a great opportunity to buy Christmas decorations produced by them. Their works are very popular among factory employees. Nothing is [...]

Virtual tour of the Mercedes battery factory in Jawor

We invite you to go on a virtual walk around the Mercedes battery factory in Jawor. The electric battery factory is presented by Helmi Marzouk, Head of the Production Department at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland and Wojciech Tadla, Production Engineer.

wirtualny spacer Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland fabryka silników

Virtual tour of the Mercedes engine factory in Jawor

We invite you to go on a virtual walk around the Mercedes engine factory in Jawor. Jacek Sikorski, Engine Assembly Director at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, talks about the engine factory.

Logo Kobiece Twarze

The Mercedes factory in Jawor is the first among women-friendly companies!

The Mercedes factory in Jawor won in the Women's Friendly Company category at the Women's Faces Economic selection. The jury appreciated that the company managing the factory of engines and eletric batteries in Lower Silesia not only adheres to the [...]

MniejszeszlachetnaPaczka 1

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland supports Szlachetna Paczka

2020 has been another year in which we have successfully supported the activities of Szlachetna Paczka. This Christmas action has become a tradition in the Jawor factory. In November, we reviewed the database of people from the Jawor district and [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland Konferencja prasowa

Mercedes-Benz press conference: “Mobility today and tomorrow / what’s new at Mercedes?”

What's new at Mercedes? Sales leader 2020; automotive TOP BRAND in the competition of the PRESS magazine; the widest range of plug-in-hybrids on the market; engines and batteries for passenger cars "Made in Poland" Wolfgang Bremm von Kleinsorgen, Head of [...]

1. konf Lewiatan 7 (0023)

The Jawor factory at the conference “New competencies for new times”

On November 24, 2020, the 3rd National Conference was held to popularize the activities of the Competence Council within the automotive sector, with particular emphasis on electromobility. Best practices and new competencies in the automotive industry, based on the example [...]

MBMPL Park Miejski Jawor (1)

We take care of our Jawor family

In agreement with the city authorities, the Mercedes factory joined the revitalization of the City Park in Jawor. The scope of work and duties were agreed together, and the concepts of plantings were discussed during the site visit. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland_She's Mercedes

“She’s Mercedes” at the factory in Jawor!

According to research by John Gerzem and Michael D'Antonio, published in the book "The Doctrine of Athena", characteristics which are defined as "feminine", such as intuition, loyalty, flexibility and cooperation, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, are new operating management systems [...]

Ranking Top Marka_Premiera Klasy S

Mercedes-Benz automotive Top Brand 2020!

Mercedes-Benz is the strongest automotive brand in the media and eighth in the overall ranking of all brands! In this year's, the thirteenth edition of the Top Brand 2020 ranking, he was ahead of, among others such media giants as [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland_IDC Manufacturing

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland at the IDC Manufacturing – Digital Twin, IoT & Robots conference

The IDC Manufacturing - Digital Twin, IoT & Robots, virtual conference, took place on October 28. Experts from Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland: Thomas Kaiser (Senior Manager Assembly / Maintenance), Monika Żygadło (Business Information Security Officer Deputy) and Ewa Łabno-Falęcka (Director of [...]

Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

MBMPL employee transport – new timetable from 1/11/2020

We take care of safe and convenient transport for employees to the factory in Jawor. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland provides employee transport on 3 lines: – Lubin – Legnica – Factory (download pdf) – Wałbrzych – Świebodzice – Strzegom – Rogoźnica [...]

artykuł promotor

Safety standards in Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland – interview in the “Promotor BHP”

- "Our priority is safe workplaces and a friendly environment, including by building a health and safety culture that makes employees aware of the importance of occupational safety. The "safety first" principle has real application in our company. Everyone is [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

Autumn factory

Factory in Jawor, October, 2020                    

inforgafika zatrudnienie MBMPL-obrazek wyróżniający

Women in Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland are already 40 percent of the crew!

What is the employment structure at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland? There are already 1,025 people working at the Mercedes factory in Jawor (October 1, 2020). Women are already 40 percent of the crew! This is a sensation in the Mercedes factory [...]


The patronage class of mechatronics started apprenticeships in the factory

They are interested in automotive, automation and robotics. A year ago, they started studying in the patron class of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland with a mechatronics profile at the District Centre for Vocational and Continuing Education in Jawor. From September 2020, [...]

1000 pracowniczka Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

The factory in Jawor starts the production of electric batteries and employs 1000 employees

• Almost 60,000 conventional engines have already rolled off the production lines of this most modern factory in the Mercedes network. They increase the balance of Polish exports. • At the end of September, the first of the three production [...]


Hybrids – how do they drive, what are they for and for whom? Facts and myths

The Mercedes plant in Jawor will produce two types of plug-in batteries for hybrid cars. These types of vehicles are not only exotic today, but a real alternative to petrol and diesel engine cars because they are efficient and environmentally [...]

mercedes Me jawor

Jawor on the cover of the new Mercedes Me Magazine!

Managers of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, including Helmi Marzouk - Head of the Battery Production Department, talk about what's new in the factory. In the Magazine you can read, among other things, about the stage of the investment, plans related to [...]

1. IMG_3401

Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK” Board members paid Jawor a visit

The new CEO of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone, Artur Siennicki, and the vice-CEO, Krzysztof Drynda, visited the Mercedes factory in Jawor on Monday, September 14. The gentlemen met with the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, Dr. Andreas Schenkel, and [...]

Inżynierki 1200 628

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland supports the “Inżynierki 4.0” project

Are modern Industry 4.0 factories the right place for women? Why in the Mercedes factory in Jawor do women make nearly 40% of the staff, when on average in other factories of this company their share does not exceed 15%? [...]

Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

MBMPL employee transport – new timetable from 9/09/2020

We take care of safe and convenient transport for employees to the factory in Jawor. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland provides employee transport on 3 lines: - Lubin - Legnica - Factory (download pdf) - Wałbrzych - Świebodzice - Strzegom - Rogoźnica [...]

EEC2020_Inwestor bez granic_

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland wins prestigious “Investors without Borders” award

The jury from the "Investors without Borders" selection committee appreciated the latest and largest investment by Mercedes in respect to the principles of sustainable development - the construction of technologically advanced engine and battery factories for electric cars. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing [...]

1 bieg firmowy

The third Company Run is behind us!

On August 29, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland employees took up the challenge for the third time and took part in the Company Run. This year - exceptionally - they registered their 5 km route around hall 3 and hall 1 using [...]

Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

Employee transport MBMPL

Commuting comfortably to work is essential. Employees at the Mercedes-Benz factory can benefit from a comfortable, safe and relaxing commute. The routes are served by the latest Mercedes-Benz Turismo bus models (Euro6 standard!). Currently there are 3 lines: – Lubin [...]

IMG_0218 v2

“I know how to reach my goal and I am not easily discouraged ” – Thomas Kaiser tells us about his work, passions, and challenges at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

He loves the adrenaline rush.  It is not easy to discourage him while coordinating the workings of several departments in Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. We talk with Thomas Kaiser - PT / M Senior Production Manager / Maintenance / Facility Management [...]

Jacek linia montazowa v1

We talk about work at the factory in Jawor with Jacek Sikorski, Engine Assembly Director

Jacek Sikorski has worked for Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland for 3 years. He tells us about his beginnings at the Daimler Group, the challenges, successes and the first day at the factory.     - How many years have you been [...]


The sky above the Mercedes factory in Jawor can be phenomenal

At the end of March 2020, scientists discovered Comet C / 2020 F3 (NEOWISE). In July, it could be observed with the naked eye in the sky. The unusual phenomenon was also captured above the Mercedes factory in Jawor. Thank [...]


We are preparing for Company Run!

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland will take part in the Company Run for the third time. This is a charity relay race for companies from all over Poland. The teams independently calculate the 5 km route and will record it from anywhere [...]


All about the factory in Jawor in the Mercedes-Benz podcast

What will the future of the automotive industry look like and how is the Mercedes factory in Jawor prepared for this future? This topic is just one of many interesting subjects which can be heard in the latest episode of [...]


Ioannis Dengler is the new Quality Director at MBMPL!

Since 1 July 2020 Ioannis Dengler has been responsible for the Quality Department at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland in Jawor. He began his career with Daimler AG in 2005 as an MDC Power Quality Manager in Kölleda. He has extensive managerial [...]

created by dji camera

Summer factory

Factory in Jawor, summer 2020 🙂


Girls GO Technology – why the workshops prepared by Mercedes proved to be a hit?

Mobile applications, websites, self-presentation, innovative businesses and the secrets of getting a dream job - these are the issues that tamed 16 girls for six months as part of Girls GO Technology - a Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland project addressed to [...]


Eko Gwiazda/Jawor edition – we know the winners!

The 3rd edition of the ecological competition Eko Gwiazda/Jawor has been concluded. The jury assessed the work of students from secondary schools in Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych and selected the winner. During this year's edition of the competition, participants [...]


Working progress – battery factory in May 2020

The inception of the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland project was signed off in June, 2016. One year later, construction of the engine factory in Jawor began. In January 2019 Mercedes-Benz decided that a second factory would be built at the same [...]

Mini-drone through the interiors of the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Fly through the raised door of the legendary 300 SL "Gullwing"? Or a visit to the cabin of the Mercedes-Benz LO 1112 bus from Argentina? This was the idea of ​​the Mercedes-Benz Museum team and filmmaker Daniel Wagner and Adre [...]


Meet the bee – our new colleague!

Bee is very hard working, every day a bee visits from 50 to 100 flowers for pollen and nectar collecting. Can you imagine to meet every day with 50 clients? Isn’t it impressive? Mercedes-Benz manufacturing Poland invites the bee and [...]


Happy Children’s Day!

In Poland, we celebrate Chidren’s Day on June 1.
We wish best wishes to all Children ?

GG maj bez logo

Girls GO Technology already know how to speak and be listened to

You make a great presentation, after which it turns out that the audience only remembers your high pitch or fidgety gestures more than the content. How to speak, let us be listened to? This was mastered by the participants from [...]

Dzień MamV5

Happy Mother’s Day!

In Poland, we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 26.
We wish best wishes to all Mothers 🙂


Students versus trash – “Eco-Gwiazda” competition in Lower Silesia

Refuse / Reduce / Re-use / Recycle / Rot. These are the 5 principles of the Zero Waste idea and topic of this year's 'Eco Gwiazda / Jawor edition' competition. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland invites secondary school students from the Jawor, [...]

obrazek transport publiczny

At the bus stop near the Mercedes factory, the Jawor Municipality bus already stops

The residents of Jawor, who have been employed in the Mercedes-Benz factory since May 12th, can benefit from a new timetable for public transport lines adapted to the hours of the shift system. The bus stops at the new stop [...]

created by dji camera

Gradual return to normal. Mercedes factories resume production

Mercedes factories are starting up after the break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are already plants operating in Untertürkheim, Berlin, Hamburg, Sindelfingen and Bremen. From 4th May plants in Sebes/Cugir (Romania), Kecskemét (Hungary), Tuscaloosa (USA) and the latest [...]

GGT zdjęcie grupowe kwiecień

From idea to business – another Girls GO Technology workshop

How innovative ideas are created, how to check if the idea will work and how to start earning money from an idea. These are the topics for the next online workshop from the Girls GO Technology 2020 project. Girls met [...]

kolorowanka 2

#stayathome and discover coloring template

How good is a pencil and piece of paper? For children it is a journey into the land of imagination and developing manual skills and for adults the perfect way to deal with stress. However, for a long time, coloring [...]


Mercedes helps Lower Silesian hospitals

For several years Jawor and Lower Silesia have belonged to the Mercedes family. And as in the family, you have to help yourself. Especially in difficult times of pandemic. That is why Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has supported medical facilities in [...]

Girls GO Technology1

“Girls GO Technology” met online and designed websites

It is logical that the next #Girls GO Technology workshop took place online. As learning moved almost entirely online, participants in the Girls GO Technology program turned their rooms into small front-end offices for a few hours and expanded their [...]

Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

Employee transport MBMPL

Commuting comfortably to work is essential. Employees at the Mercedes-Benz factory can benefit from a comfortable, safe and relaxing commute. The routes are served by the latest Mercedes-Benz Turismo bus models (Euro6 standard!). Currently there are 3 lines: - Lubin [...]


MBMPL at Women Leadership Forum

The Women Leadership Forum took place on 4 and 5 March in Warsaw. Although for over 100 years women have had civil rights, i.e. the right to vote, to self-determination, to choose a career - in real life they are [...]


International Women’s Day with MBMPL

On International Women's Day, March 8th, we invited all ladies to try their hand at eco-driving. At the MBMPL stand, the women had the opportunity to compete in eco-driving with an E-Class hybrid Mercedes with over 300 horsepower. The result? [...]

Spotkanie MBMPL - Związek Pracodawców Ziemi Jaworskiej 1

Mercedes, labour market and entrepreneurs from the region

Milestones in the construction of a Mercedes-Benz engine and battery factory  in Jawor and the labour market in the Lower Silesia region are the main topics of the meeting, to which Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland invited entrepreneurs associated in the Jawor [...]


MBMPL at the Artificial Intelligence Conference

The MBMPL team consisting of Ewa Łabno-Falęcka and Thomas Kaiser, as well as guest speaker Maciej Ossowski from Kogifi, presented to the participants of the conference on AI (artificial intelligence) how Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland uses artificial intelligence. The event organized [...]


The first Girls GO Technology 2020 workshop is behind us!

Is creating mobile applications difficult? How much time is needed to create my first mobile app? Will I ever write my own game? These are just a few questions answered by participants of the third edition of Girls GO Technology [...]


The third edition of “Girls Go Technology, or Girls Tame the Technology” has started!

On February the 4th in the Regional Museum in Jawor, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland inaugurated the third edition of the project "Girls Go Technology". The first meeting attracted 80 young women! "Girls Go Technology" is a programme of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland [...]

Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC Limousine, denimblau;Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert 7,3-7,2 l/100 km; CO2-Emissionen kombiniert 167-164 g/km*

Mercedes-AMG A 35 4MATIC Saloon, denim blue;Combined fuel consumption 7.3-7.2 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 167-164 g/km*

Mercedes-Benz: global sales growth and premium segment leader in Poland

In terms of sales, 2019 was the ninth record year for Mercedes-Benz in a row - the manufacturer delivered 2,339,562 cars worldwide at that time, achieving 1.3% growth. At the same time, for the fourth time in a row, it [...]


Opening of a sports field for the residents of Jawor Orphanages

Sport is not only fun, but also an important element in childhood. Mercedes helped the Care and Education Centre "Jaworowy Start" and sponsored a multifunctional sports field.   The opening of the facility took place on 10 January 2020. The [...]

Ewa Łabno-Falęcka 2 przycięta

Ewa Łabno-Falęcka nominated for the award of „Personality of the year 2019″

For: "proving that the potential of women is enormous and they are the ones who determine the strength of the new Mercedes-Benz factory" Ewa Łabno-Falęcka from Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland was nominated by Gazeta Wrocławska for the title of PERSONALITY OF [...]


V Christmas Market in Jawor

12-15 December on the Market Square in Jawor took place Christmas Market. This year, for the fourth time MBMPL played together with the inhabitants of the region and gave gifts. The Christmas Market is an annual holiday, during which you [...]


The Factory of the Year competition is over. Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor with three awards!

In the eighth edition of the competition, the Factory of the Year, organized by the magazines Engineering and Maintenance and Control Engineering Poland, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland in Jawor won in three categories: Innovative Factory, Best Factory in the Automotive Industry [...]


MBMPL on Open Eyes Economy

The International Congress of Value Economics Open Eyes Economy forum took place in Krakow on 19 November. They discussed the future, autonomous cars, electro mobility, artificial intelligence, vehicle sharing and… whether and when all this will become an everyday reality. [...]


MBMPL on Digital Champions

Warsaw’s Google for Startups campus of the VI Digital Champions Forum took place on the 14-15 of November 2019. Experts, entrepreneurs and scientists discussed the potential and challenges of digital transformation, best practices and unexpected consequences connected to techno-evolution. Guests [...]

Transport pracowniczy Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

Transport for MBMPL employees has just started

Comfortable commuting is essential. In MBMPL we have almost 650 employees. For them, the company has set up an employee transport system that ensures maximum comfort and safety. The routes are operated by the latest models of Mercedes-Benz Turismo buses [...]


Absolvent Talent Days in Wrocław

On 29th October in Wroclaw Congress Centre, Hala Stulecia the biggest job and apprenticeship fair in Poland – Absolvent Talent Days took place. There was no shortage of MBMPL at the fair. Visitors to the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland stand had [...]


MBMPL at the Wrocław University of Technology Jubilee in Legnica

This year the Wrocław University of Technology in Legnica celebrated its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, its graduates and friends met on October 11th to celebrate together. During the event, the factory and EQC, the first electric Mercedes-Benz, were presented. [...]


Impact mobility rEVoution’19 in Katowice

The biggest event in Poland devoted to mobility, energy and advanced technologies. From the 9th to the 10th of October, representatives from the world of automotive, transport, smart city and state administration exchanged experiences and knowledge on 6 thematic paths – [...]


MBMPL begins cooperation with the Automotive School Complex in Legnica

A class with a profile related to the construction of engines and batteries for electric cars will be created at the Automotive School Complex in Legnica. On October 8th, 2019, the letter of intent in this matter was signed by: [...]


Talking about the future, or EFNI 2019

From 25-27 of September, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland participated in the IX European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot. Dr. Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, Head of Communication & External Affairs, discussed the topic in panels: “Friendly workplace – employer’s talents and brand” and [...]


Automotive industry experts in Legnica

What are the trends in the industry? Where to look for news about digitalization, automation and robotic production processes, cloud solutions, good practices in the field of maintenance and internal logistics in the digital factory? On 26 and 27 September  [...]


The patronage class of Mechatronics has started

30 students started their education in the first class of mechatronics specialization in the District Centre for Vocational and Continuing Education (PCKZiU) in Jawor. The class is held under the patronage of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. At the opening ceremony, apart [...]


Bread and Gingerbread Days in Jawor

Also at this year Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland was present at the Festival of Bread and Gingerbread – one of the most important events in Jawor. At the company stand we served gingerbread and Bavarian pretzels. Visitors also had the opportunity [...]


This weekend we meet at the Festival of Bread and Gingerbread in Jawor!

For the past three years Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland will be present at one of the most important events in the region – the Festival of Bread and Gingerbread. We invite you from Friday to Sunday (23-25 August 2019) to the [...]


The Mercedes electric battery factory has come out of the foundations!

There is no turning back from electric motoring. Although the “electromobility meter” installed on the PZPM website indicates less than 6,000 purely electric and electrified vehicles registered until the end of May this year in Poland, the trend is growing. [...]


The “2nd life @MBMPL” project

The team from the Quality and Production Department of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland carried out a comprehensive renovation of a 1989 Mercedes W201, purchased by the company as part of the “2nd life @MBMPL” project. Work on the restoration of the [...]


XVIII Rally of Historic Mercedes in Lower Silesia and Competition of Elegance in Jawor

More than 40 historic Mercedes presented on June 22, 2019 in Jawor during the Elegance Competition. The jury consisting of Andreas Shenkel (CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland), Emilian Bera (Mayor of the City of Jawor), Andrzej Giera (President of Jawor [...]


Winners of the Eko Gwiazda competition / Jawor edition in Stuttgart

“Breath of the future” is the title of the film that won this year’s ecological competition Eko Gwiazda / edition Jawor. Its creators, Karolina Maślej and Damian Mejor, from the Technical and General Education School in Legnica – Henrykek, had [...]


Children’s Day with MBMPL

On  the 5th and 6th of June 2019, children from Primary Schools from Jawor and the surrounding areas, together with Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, celebrated Children’s Day. 450 primary school children from Jawor, Męcinka, Bolkow, Piotrowice, Targoszyn and Snowidza watched 3 scenes [...]


The second edition of Girls GO Technology has been completed!

16 participants, 6 months, 5 workshops – the second program of the project “Girls GO Technology, or girls familiar with technology” initiated by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has come to an end.Another group of girls from the Jawor district, together with [...]


Under the Good Star!

On May 31, a Mercedes star was mounted on the roof of the factory in Jawor. Below you can see photos and video of the event.


Girls GO – is technology their future?

How to prepare for an interview, define professional predispositions, skilfully create application documents – participants of the Girs GO Technology project were faced with such issues under the guidance of Beata Wolska from Randstadt Poland in May 2019. During the [...]


They ran and helped!

35 employees of MBMPL – 7 teams of 5 people, among 10,000 representatives of various companies from Lower Silesia, took part in the charity Relay Run 2019 on 25 km in Wrocław. The goal of the run was to support [...]


Gottlieb Daimler Street 5 – a new address on the map of Jawor

Since last Friday, the newly built Mercedes factory in Jawor has a new address: Gottlieb Daimler Street 5. A brilliant constructor and engineer, one of the company’s and brand’s founders, recalls the more than 130-year history of motorization. A plate with [...]


„Girls GO Technology”, or Jawor tames Python in Krakow

Why do girls from Lower Silesia "tame" programming in Krakow? What connects "Girls GO Technology" and FabLab Małopolska? How to "get along" with a computer and where did the name of one of the most popular programming languages ​​come from? [...]


About the MBMPL investment with local entrepreneurs

What is the progress of construction works of Mercedes engine factory in Jawor? What will be the next stages of the investment? What kind of new technologies will be used in the Jawor plant? These and many other questions were [...]


We know the winners of Eko Gwiazda 2019/Jawor edition!

On 12 April, the final of the contest Eko Gwiazda 2019/Jawor edition took place at the Regional Museum in Jawor. The winners and the finalists of the competition were awarded during the ceremony. The event was attended by school principals, [...]


Sum up of the Poznań Motor Show 2019

4 days, 15 pavilions, 60 premieres, 170 exhibitors, over 1000 vehicles and almost 150,000 visitors! That’s how the Poznań Motor Show 2019 looked like in numbers. Mercedes-Benz boasted electromobility – the EQC model, i.e. the first Mercedes exclusively for electricity, [...]


“Will artificial intelligence take over the world?”

The second workshops of this year’s edition of the project “Girls GO Technology, or girls tame technology” were themed around artificial inteligence and social media. The participants learned waht artificial intelligence is and where it is used on everyday basis. [...]


Mechatronics at the Poviat Educational Fair

17th Poviat Educational Fair, organized on the 22nd of March in Jawor, was a good oportunity to get to know the offer of the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland patronage class with the profile of Mechatronics. It is being created in cooperation [...]


MBMPL activates women’s energy in the region

Nearly 300 women took part in the Open Day for Women, which was organized by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. The event program was designed so that the participants could look at their competences and skills from a broader perspective, find out [...]


From March 7, the Mercedes factory in Jawor on Gottlieb Daimler street

What have Warsaw, Sosnowiec, Praga, Komorniki, two cities in California and Jawor in common? The answer is – a common street ? On 7 March in Jawor the grand opening of Gottlieb Daimler Street took place. After thorough reconstruction of [...]


Order of Merit awarded to the Mercedes manager in Poland

The President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, awarded Ewa Łabno-Falęcka PhD the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. The award ceremony took place at the Residence of the German Ambassador in Warsaw. Rolf Nikel, Ambassador of Germany in [...]


Open Day for women

Join the Mercedes factory team in Jawor! Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland invites women for the Open Day. On the 8th of March 2019 at the Qubus Hotel in Legnica from 2.00-6.00 p.m. The program includes interesting lectures, consultations and discussions about [...]


Girls GO plan their business

The first workshops of the second edition of Girls GO Technology are already behind us. The topic was “How to plan with your head?”. The participants, a group of girls from the Jawor region, learned about such concepts as design thinking, [...]


“JTS Jawor” with Mercedes “star”

On the 20th of February, representatives of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland handed over to the president of the club, Leszek Wawoczny, football kits for the young players of JTS Jawor. – We support many charity, sport and educational institutions in the [...]


Poczta Polska and Mercedes-Benz Polska come together for the development of electromobility

On February 14, 2019, 5 eVito electric vehicles went into operation at Polish Post. The keys to the cars passed through the hands of Rene Achinger, director of Mercedes-Benz Vans Polska, and Rafał Merka, president of the board of Athlon [...]


Diesel engines still much cleaner than Petrol engines

In recent years, there have been more and more stereotypical assertions about diesel engines. Many of these statements are untrue: modern diesel engines offer many advantages and under certain working conditions they still have an advantage over petrol engines, both [...]


Shine bright on the road

Shine bright on the road! Children from the Kindergarden no. 8 in Jawor know that already, thanks to the workshops regarding safety on the road organized by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland and The Regional Museum in Jawor. Moreover, a group of [...]


Girls GO Technology, or how the girls from Jawor tamed technology

‘Women can also work in the technology sector’, ‘women are not worse than men’, ‘they can hold equally high and responsible positions’, ‘I would recommend taking part in the workshops because they motivated us to think about what we will [...]


Mercedes-Benz Cars to build battery factory in Jawor!

Mercedes-Benz Cars will build battery factory in Jawor and create approximately 300 new jobs. We will electrify the complete portfolio until 2022 and will be able to offer in each segment various electrified alternatives to our customers. This includes more [...]


Andreas Schenkel nominated for the award of „Personality of the year 2018″

„Personality of the Year” is a contest organized by the „Gazeta Wrocławska” newspaper. Persons are selected that have achieved success and served their local community in a significant way in one of four categories: “Culture”, “Social and Charitable activities”, “Municipal [...]


Mechatronics – a profession with a future

The centre for Vocational and Higher Education in Jawor (PCKZiU) and Mercedes Benz Manufacturing Poland will be promoting, encouraging and launching Mechatronics classes for students in the Jawor district. In December, a letter of intent relating to this matter was [...]


We support The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland joined the 27th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Jawor. The company donated gadgets with a tree-pointed star, and the MBMPL Team took part in a charitable run “Get Even with Diabetes!” in [...]


Summary of 2018: Mercedes-Benz posts eighth consecutive record year

Mercedes-Benz continues to be the leading premium automobile brand in terms of unit sales. In a challenging year, the company with the three-pointed star increased its global car sales to 2,310,185 units in 2018, its eighth consecutive record year (+0.9%), [...]


“Mechatronics” under the patronage of MBMPL

On the 14th of December 2018 in the District Office in Jawor, CEO MBMPL Andreas Schenkel, the Head of the District Aneta Kucharzyk and the Head of the school PCKZiU Lucyna Buczkowska declared their will for further cooperation in order [...]


The history of Mercedes-Benz E-Class coupés begins 50 years ago

Half a century of exclusive sportiness in the upper mid-range series: in November 1968, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 114 model series coupés. In addition to the 250 C with the then most powerful saloon engine, the 250 CE is also available, whose six-cylinder injection [...]


“Build Safely 2018”

The company CMT, which manages the construction of the Mercedes-Benz engine factory in Jawor, won the first prize in the “Industrial Construction” category of the “Build Safely 2018” competition organized by the National Labour Inspectorate – Regional Labour Inspectorate in [...]


Technology IS for girls!

15 participants, 7 months, 5 thematic workshops – this is how the first edition of the project “Girls GO Technology, or girls tame technology” by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland looked like. The aim of the project is to convince young females [...]


IV Jawor Christmas Fair

Sweet gingerbreads, mulled wine, regional products from local suppliers, and at the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland stand… the festive atmosphere with the smell of pine from the forest ? On December 14-16, at the Market Square in Jawor, the 4th Christams [...]


She’s Mercedes and “Women’s Faces”

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland as a part of She’s Mercedes initiative supported “Women’s Faces” project. Its idea is to promote entrepreneurial women who have an impact on the economic development of the Lower Silesia region and companies that adhere to the [...]


“Helping Hand” for Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland was awarded the “Helping Hand” distinction for supporting TDP in Legnica (Association of Children’s Friends) and Occupational Therapy Workshops in Jawor. The award was received by CFO Aleksandra Łukasiak during a ceremony organized on the 5th of [...]


European Union in Jawor!

On the 3rd of December Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland hosted a special guest in Jawor – Mrs. Elżbieta Bieńkowska, EU Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. The program included a visit on the construction site of the factory, the [...]


Team Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport the best in Formula 1

Since 2014, Mercedes has been dominating the prestigous sport of motorsport. The German team is in absolute control both in the drivers and constructors standings. Lewis Hamilton, one of the most eminent modern racing drivers, has played a big part [...]


Safety first and foremost!

In November another workshops about safety on the road for the youngest traffic participanats took place. This time, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland and the Regional Museum in Jawor in cooperation with the Regional Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Jawor [...]


Siemens joins the Mercedes-Benz project: “Girls GO Technology”

The “Girls GO Technology” project is a program created by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland which is addressed to young girls from Jawor. The value of the program was noticed by Siemens and together with Mercedes it ran a workshop on Industry [...]


Groundbreaking agreement between MBMPL and EWG Taczalin awarded by industry experts

The Management Board of the Polish Wind Energy Association awarded Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland the title of “Personality of Wind Energy in Poland 2018”. The organization awarded the company for its contribution as the first long-term contract in Europe for the [...]


Top brand 2018

Mercedes-Benz is the strongest automotive brand in the Polish media! Mercedes-Benz is a leader among premium and utility car brands. In the general classification, it is the best-ranked automotive brand in the entire list of 500 brands, taking a phenomenal [...]


Start-up spirit in 1888

The parallels are striking: the start-up spirit is as relevant today as it was in the early days of the car. An 1888 example: after the invention of the car two years earlier, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler appear with [...]


The Mercedes-Benz family: a visit in Affalterbach

Our engineers of machining and LDS processes with their managers and collegues from Untertürkheim visited the Mercedes-AMG branch in Affalterbach. The AMG company started as a small plant dealing in sports tuning. Currently, AMG has been a part of Daimler [...]


Weekend with Mercedes

Bread, gingerbread, Jawor, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Mercedes GLA, Holiday Inn… The winners know exactly what these words have in common ? In August Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland joined The Bread and Gingerbread Festival in Jawor and invited people to the city game [...]


Mercedes-Benz the world’s most valuable premium car brand

Mercedes-Benz once again the world’s most valuable premium car brand. In the current “Best Global Brands 2018” Mercedes-Benz is still the only European brand in the top ten. In the current “Best Global Brands 2018” ranking by the renowned U.S. [...]


Girls know „How to plan with your head?”

Girls from the Jawor region don’t slow down and meet once again at the workshops “Girls GO Technology, or girls tame technologies.” This time, participants had an opportunity to put down their dreams about a perfect business on paper and [...]


Development driven by science

The Lower Silesian Science Festival is an annual event organized in autumn by universities, science institutes and various institutions from Wrocław. It is dedicated to anyone who is interested in science that surrounds us. Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland couldn’t miss it. [...]

BS17913-1060x600 (1)

Mercedes-Benz at Impact mobility rEVolution’18

“Friendship for the environment: from production to product“. Mercedes-Benz Polska together with Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland were present in Katowice at Impact mobility rEVolution’18 – an International congressabout the future of automotive industry and sustainable mobility in Poland.   2 days, 3 stages and 7 main thematic tracks, more than 150 speakers from around the world, 150 universities and research institutions, 200 startups and 400 companies – this is [...]


Do IT at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

Talks about a professional future, lectures on innovations in industry and trends in the IT sector, exchange of contacts, presentation of the KUKA device – this was the Open Day Digital & IT at Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland. Nearly 400 people [...]


New kits for “Kuźnia” Jawor

Today, a special ceremony took place at the Municipal Stadium in Jawor. Ewa Łabno-Falęcka and Andreas Schenkel officially initiated the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland and “Kuźnia” Jawor, handing out new kits to club representatives.  – Two years ago Mercedes came [...]


Mercedes-Benz invites you to the digital age: Open Day Digital & IT in Legnica

Do you want to participate in the digital revolution and get to know the ultra-modern solutions of “Industry 4.0”. Work for the most prestigious brand of premium cars? Change motorization and produce engines of the future?  September 7th this year [...]

Weekend with bread, gingerbread and … Mercedes!

Weekend with bread, gingerbread and … Mercedes! The Feast of Bread and Gingerbread is one of the most important events in Jawor. For the second time Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland joined the celebration. The company’s stand has gingerbreads with a logo in the shape of [...]


Iconic Pagodas on the Market Square in Jawor!

What connects Audrey Hepburn, Tina Turner, John Lennon and Sophia Loren? Love for the Mercedes Pagoda! This legendary model still has its loyal fans, also in Poland. Owing to the W113 Pagoda SL Klub Polska and Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, the [...]


State-of-the-art control and measurement equipment has arrived in the Jawor factory!

The production of modern engines in the Mercedes-Benz factory is to begin in 2019, but in August of this year, the first cabins for hot testing engines appeared at the factory in Jawor. Steel devices, 11 meters long, 5.5 meters [...]


Green Factory – emission-free factory of Mercedes-Benz in Jawor

Environmentally friendly: from production to the product – that is how the concept of power and heat supply to the factory of Mercedes-Benz engines in Jawor in Lower Silesia could be summarised. The plant will be fully neutral in terms [...]

Summer with Mercedes

The permanent exhibition entitled, “Jawor’s chapter in the history of Mercedes-Benz” was visited by special guests. The Regional Museum in Jawor along with the Jaworski Cultural Centre organized a tour for the younger generations. Children watched the exhibits with interest [...]


Jawor welcomed guests from the Mercedes-Benz Network from Russia and the Czech Republic

Jawor is part of the Mercedes-Benz family and, as a family … they visited us to talk about life and work. We had a discussion with our relatives from Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics Eastern Europe, the emerging Logistics Centre in Prague [...]

The Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor is “growing right in front of our eyes”.

In August last year, the first phase of construction works on the engine factory began. From that moment, hundreds of employees passed through the construction site since the initial laying of the foundations. 650 construction pillars were raised and a [...]


Mercedes-Benz beats sales records!

The first six months of this year are not only the best half-year in terms of sales in the company’s history, but also the best quarter of all time. From April to June, customers received 594,528 new Mercedes cars (+ [...]


Topping out at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor. The company announces an increase in employment

Mercedes-Benz Cars celebrated the next stage of the construction of its engine factory in Poland on 22 June, a garland shaped three-pointed star was suspended from the finished production and assembly hall. The official topping-out ceremony was attended by, among [...]


Girls GO Technology – girls from the Jawor region tame technology

‘Women can also work in the technology sector’, ‘women are not worse than men’, ‘they can hold equally high and responsible positions’, ‘I would recommend taking part in the workshops because they motivated us to think about what we will [...]


The winners of the Eko Gwiazda/Jawor Edition competition visited Stuttgart

Students from the Technical and General Education School in Legnica visited the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, which is the headquarters of the three-pointed star company. The trip was the prize for coming in first place in the Eko Gwiazda / [...]


Kacper played and taught in Jawor.

Kacper won the hearts of the primary school children from Jawor. Thanks to this, the school children learned about road safety in an enjoyable and fun way. Together with actors, teachers, police officers and fire fighters, they took part in [...]


“Kacper – a child safe on the road”

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has formally invited elementary students from Jawor to watch the performance of “Kacper – a child safe on the road” in celebration of International Children’s Day. The performance will be presented on May 29 and 30 at [...]


Girls GO Technology, or girls tame technologies.

The IT specialists market is very competitive. It is difficult to find employees to fulfill positions within it. That is why Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland started the "Girls GO Technology" project, addressed to high school students from the Jawor region. Its [...]


Mercedes-Benz engine factory in Jawor received the “Diamonds of Investment” award!

Another award for our investment! The car engine factory in Jawor received the "Diamonds of investment" award from the "Greenfield Investor of the Year" category - for best investment of foreign capital in Poland, which brings tangible results to our [...]


World Health and Safety Day at Work

On April 28, we celebrated World Health and Safety Day at Work, which was established in 2003 by the International Labour Organization. On this occasion, an exceptional meeting took place at the engine factory in Jawor, in which representatives from [...]


A year of successful cooperation with the Regional Museum in Jawor.

“Jawor – a new chapter in the history of Mercedes-Benz” has been on display for over a year at the Regional Museum in Jawor. Crumple zones, ABS systems and airbags are just some of the breakthrough safety innovations that Mercedes [...]


Security above all.

Workshops on road safety which have been organized in the Berthy Benz room at the museum in Jawor have already become the catalogue for shaping the correct attitudes and behavior of the young towards road traffic safety. This time, participants [...]


Engines from Jawor will be assembled in the latest Mercedes-Benz hybrid models.

During the recently concluded Geneva Motor Show 2018, Mercedes-Benz presented two pre-production models – diesel C-Class and E-Class plug-in hybrids. These cars combine the most modern diesel engine with the 9G-TRONIC hybrid transmission. This engine will be produced in the [...]


Interesting and safe, the third workshop for the young.

Interesting and safe,  the third workshop for the young. At the Regional Museum in Jawor another workshop was held in the Bertha Benz room, devoted to road safety. This time first grade students from Primary School 4 at ul. Starojaworska [...]


Hall No. 3 takes shape

Works on the construction of the Mercedes-Benz engine factory in Jawor are going according to plan. Since the first foundations were put in place only three weeks ago, construction of hall no. 3 takes on a more noticeable shape on [...]


Construction of the Mercedes-Benz engine manufacturing plant in Jawor “past the earthworks stage”. First prop for production and assembly hall in place

Construction of the Mercedes engine manufacturing plant in Jawor, in the Lower Silesia Region, is gaining momentum! Sixth months after the earthworks commenced, on 5 February, the first steel prop for the plant’s largest production and assembly hall was installed. The planned “turn-key“completionof the hall‘s construction falls in late 2018. Structural works are now theresponsibility of the STRABAG, TKT [...]

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland is focused on open communication with local entrepreneurs in Jawor

From the beginning of the construction of the first Mercedes-Benz engine manufacturing plant in Jawor, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has a policy of open communication and transparency, informing residents, local authorities and business representatives about the next stages of one of the most important investments in the region.

Awards in the Jawor edition of the “Eko Gwiazda” competition distributed!

On February 2 in the Bertha Benz room at the Regional Museum in Jawor, the awards ceremony was held for the winners and finalists of the “Eko Gwiazda 2017/Jawor edition” competition. The event was attended by school principals, teachers, students, representatives of districts and local authorities as well as Mercedes-Benz [...]


Andreas Schenkel, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, has been nominated for the award of „Personality of the year 2017”

„Personality of the Year” is a contest organized by the „Gazeta Wrocławska” newspaper. Persons are selected that have achieved success and served their local community in a significant way in one of four categories: “Culture”, “Social and Charitable activities”, “Municipal [...]

The Jawor factory and Industry 4.0 at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

On January 9th the Faculty of Technology and Natural Sciences of the Wroclaw University of Sciences and Technology in Legnica hosted a lecture about the Mercedes-Benz engine factory currently under construction in Jawor, which also discussed the ultramodern solutions which [...]

The Safe Way to School. More workshops in the Regional Museum in Jawor

For the second time, the Jawor district Police headquarters in collaboration with Mercedes–Benz Manufacturing Poland organized workshops in the Jawor regional museum. The classes were aimed at teaching proper behavior on the roads as well as how to react to [...]

Record Sales for the seventh consecutive year Mercedes-Benz

For Mercedes-Benz last year was a record year in the history of sales. In 2017, world sales of Mercedes vehicles was nearly 2.3 million (an increase of 9.9% over the year 2016). No other German automaker achieved such a large [...]

Foundations near completion

Work on the foundations for Hall no. 3 at the construction site on Cukrownicza Street in Jawor is nearing completion. The foundation work is expected to be concluded by mid-January. By the end of December, the fencing-in of the factory [...]

Holiday event at the Regional Museum in Jawor

A delegation from the Daimler corporation visited the Regional Museum in Jawor on December 14. The guests viewed an exhibition about the brand`s history as well as a new workshop/exhibition space jointly built by Mercedes-Benz, the City of Jawor and [...]

Jawor Christmas Fair

For the second year in row, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland took part in the Jawor Christmas Fair held in the city centre. On December 14 and 15, visitors at the company`s stand had the opportunity to sample traditional German holiday delicacies. [...]

Students from Legnica won the Jawor edition of the “Eko Gwiazda 2017” competition

A student team from Legnica`s Technical and General Education School won the Jawor edition of the “Eko Gwiazda 2017” environmental movie competition. The jury awarded the top prize to Marcin Wojtaś and Wiktoria Kulik`s “Ecological side of power”. Ms. Grażyna [...]

Polishing their German

Students at schools in Męcinka have the opportunity to learn German from a unique teacher: Mrs. Melanie Schenkel, wife of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland CEO dr Andreas Schenkel. The once a month German classes began during the previous school year and [...]

Updates from the factory construction site

Preparatory work at the Jawor factory construction site is moving ahead on schedule. Work on road surface hardening and preparing the construction office infrastructure has concluded. Electrical and water supply lines have been connected and modular containers and controlled access [...]

Eko Gwiazda_Edycja_Jawor_www

Second stage of „Eko- Gwiazda 2017” Contest

This October, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland invited students from post-primary schools in  the Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych counties to take part in its “Eko Gwiazda” (Eco-Star) contest. The competition’s aim is to promote environmentally-friendly behaviors and attitudes. Twelve teams from […]

Tree planting ceremony at Jawor Municipal Park

One year after Daimler AG’s announcement that the company’s new engine plant will be located in the Lower Silesian Province city of Jawor, representatives from city hall and Daimler planted three trees at the Municipal Park. The choice of plantings [...]

„Eko Gwiazda 2017” Contest – Jawor edition

Caring for the environment is instilled in us from childhood but our streets, parks and forests are still often filled with thrash - including electronic wastes. We want to change this - change the way we think about our immediate [...]

Chill, grill and drive – or competitive team-building

Employee recruitment and the growth of new departments make up the biggest challenges currently facing the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland team. This is more than just a job for them, it is also their passion. The love of automobiles is another [...]


The Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland team is growing!

While the construction of the Jawor factory is in its early stages, the recruiting process has been under way for several months now. So far, the future manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz passenger car engines has assembled its management team and is [...]

Preparations for the laying of foundations at the Jawor factory

Construction work at Mercedes-Benz’s first factory in Poland is progressing according to plan. Currently, preparations are being made for the laying of foundations for the factory’s main building. The contractor for this stage of construction is Eiffage Polska. At the [...]

Inteligentna motoryzacja tematem konferencji ROBOTECH 2017 we Wrocławiu

Branża automotive jest obecnie jedną z najbardziej innowacyjnych branż, stosuje wiele elementów „Przemysłu 4.0” z wysokimi nakładami na badania i rozwój. 130 lat po pierwszej wielkiej rewolucji z 1886 roku, kiedy to Karl Benz zgłosił swój „Patent-Motorwagen Nr 1” […]

Wrocław technology “RoadShow”

Lower Silesia is a growing hub of technology start-ups. Many of these young companies are guided by business angel Tomasz Szpikowski, CEO of Bergman Engineering (2nd from the right). On September 18, Szpikowski invited Dr. Andreas Schenkel, CEO of Mercedes-Benz [...]

“She’s Mercedes” – three-pointed star classics arrive in Warmia

“She’s Mercedes” is the Mercedes-Benz brand’s women-focused initiative. The brand’s female fans organize events such as a women-only Classic Mercedes Rally. 10 female teams gathered in late August in the Warmia region to present their classic Mercedes cars from across [...]

Next stage of Jawor factory construction preliminary works

The preliminary works at the Jawor factory site have reached their next stage. Current activities at the construction site include preparation of water and energy supply lines, building of construction access roads and technical infrastructure. The contractor for the first [...]

Mercedes-Benz greeted the inhabitants of Jawor with… pretzels and gingerbread!

On the last day of this year’s Bread and Gingerbread Festival in Jawor Mercedes-Benz joined the exhibitors on the main market square. Since early morning Jawor residents could try traditional gingerbread and pretzels prepared by local providers. Key part of […]

First stage of construction begins at Jawor factory site

Pre-Construction works have commenced at the site of the future Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor. Two weeks after securing the building permit, Strabag – the first stage general contractor, has commenced work at the future site of the factory at Cukrownicza [...]

The Mercedes star of the “Bonn Republic” is bound for the museum

The Mercedes star on the “Bonn-Center“ of the former German capital was not only a trademark, but also a distinctive symbol of the Federal Republic of Germany. It was installed on the high-rise building in the late 1960s and rotated [...]

Mercedes-Benz obtained a building permit

On August 4,  Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland obtained a building permit. The proceedings lasting less than a month were initiated after The Decision on Environmental Conditions for the construction of the factory was issued by the Mayor of Jawor. Thus, the [...]

Cornerstone laying ceremony in Jawor

Mercedes-Benz has started with the construction of its first plant in Poland which will set standards in latest production processes and innovative Industry 4.0. technologies within the global powertrain production. “The new engine plant in Poland is a key element [...]

Opening of the exhibition in The Regional Museum in Jawor

On 3 March 2017 the Regional Museum in Jawor opened the „Jawor – a new chapter in the history of Mercedes Benz” exhibition, held by Mercedes Benz under the honorary patronage of Emilian Bera, the Mayor of Jawor. The history of […]


Christmas Market in Jawor

On the last day of the 2nd Jawor Christmas Fair, Mercedes-Benz joined the exhibitors offering traditional Christmas products. Since early morning on 18 December, Jawor town citizens and all the guests had the opportunity to taste German delicacies, such as [...]

Art workshops for children

On 14 December, children from local preschools took part in an art workshop in the European Youth Centre of Nysa Euroregion in Jawor. The meeting was organised in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and the Town Hall of Jawor. During the workshop […]

Daimler officially confirmed plans to build a factory in Poland

Daimler made a final decision concerning the construction of an engine factory in Jawor and signed a plot purchase agreement with Polish partners. The investment was officially announced during a meeting between Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional Board of […]

Daimler plans new engine factory in Poland

Daimler corporation is planning to invest around EUR 500 million in a new engine factory in Poland, creating several hundred new workplaces. The first Mercedes-Benz Cars manufacturing plant will be located in Jawor, around 70 km west of Wrocław. It […]