The first engines “made in Jawor” already planned for this year

Works on the construction of the Mercedes-Benz engine factory in Jawor are going according to plan. Finishing and equipping the largest assembly and production hall is in progress – elements of the assembly line for diesel engines are the first to be installed, as well as devices from Kiener, Siemens and Fröhlich. At the same time, other buildings are under construction, including a canteen and energy centre, where installations responsible for electricity, water and heating will be installed throughout the complex. The works will be completed in the 2019.


Did you know that…

• the total production area of the factory in Jawor will be 180,000 sq m, which can be compared to 72 football fields

• the construction of the largest production hall con-sumed as much as 9,000 tons of steel, more than which was used to build the Paris Eiffel Tower.