Work progress


Factory in Jawor, September 2021

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, September 2021.


Factory in Jawor in spring 2021

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, May 2021.


#EarthHour in the factory in Jawor

On March 27, at 20:30, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland joined millions of people around the world who turned off their lights for an hour as part of the WWF campaign.

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, February 2021

Winter factory

Mercedes factory in Jawor, February 2021

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland

Autumn factory

Factory in Jawor, October, 2020


The sky above the Mercedes factory in Jawor can be phenomenal

At the end of March 2020, scientists discovered Comet C / 2020 F3 (NEOWISE).

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Summer factory

Factory in Jawor, summer 2020 🙂


Working progress – battery factory in May 2020

The inception of the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland project was signed off in June, 2016. One year later, construction of the engine factory in Jawor began.

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Gradual return to normal. Mercedes factories resume production

Mercedes factories are starting up after the break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are already plants operating in Untertürkheim, Berlin, Hamburg, Sindelfingen and Bremen.


The Mercedes electric battery factory has come out of the foundations!

There is no turning back from electric motoring. Although the “electromobility meter” installed on the PZPM website indicates less than 6,000 purely electric and electrified vehicles registered until the end of May this year in Poland, the trend is growing.


Under the Good Star!

On May 31, a Mercedes star was mounted on the roof of the factory in Jawor.


Gottlieb Daimler Street 5 – a new address on the map of Jawor

Since last Friday, the newly built Mercedes factory in Jawor has a new address: Gottlieb Daimler Street 5. A brilliant constructor and engineer, one of the company’s and brand’s founders, recalls the more than 130-year history of motorization.


Mercedes-Benz Cars to build battery factory in Jawor!

Mercedes-Benz Cars will build battery factory in Jawor and create approximately 300 new jobs.


State-of-the-art control and measurement equipment has arrived in the Jawor factory!

The production of modern engines in the Mercedes-Benz factory is to begin in 2019, but in August of this year, the first cabins for hot testing engines appeared at the factory in Jawor.


Green Factory – emission-free factory of Mercedes-Benz in Jawor

Environmentally friendly: from production to the product – that is how the concept of power and heat supply to the factory of Mercedes-Benz engines in Jawor in Lower Silesia could be summarised.


Topping out at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor. The company announces an increase in employment

Mercedes-Benz Cars celebrated the next stage of the construction of its engine factory in Poland on 22 June, a garland shaped three-pointed star was suspended from the finished production and assembly hall.


Hall No. 3 takes shape

Works on the construction of the Mercedes-Benz engine factory in Jawor are going according to plan. Since the first foundations were put in place only three weeks ago, construction of hall no. 3 takes on a more noticeable shape on a daily basis.


STARBAG began construction work on the Mercedes-Benz production plant in Jawor

The consortium of companies STRABAG, TKT Engineering and Elektromontaż-Poznań began work on the site in February of this year. The agreed completion time for the largest hall within the entire production plant was signed in December 2017, with the deadline of handing over the completed facility in January 2019.


Construction of the Mercedes-Benz engine manufacturing plant in Jawor “past the earthworks stage”. First prop for production and assembly hall in place

Construction of the Mercedes engine manufacturing plant in Jawor, in the Lower Silesia Region, is gaining momentum!

Foundations near completion

Work on the foundations for Hall no. 3 at the construction site on Cukrownicza Street in Jawor is nearing completion.

Updates from the factory construction site

Preparatory work at the Jawor factory construction site is moving ahead on schedule.


The Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland team is growing!

While the construction of the Jawor factory is in its early stages, the recruiting process has been under way for several months now.

Preparations for the laying of foundations at the Jawor factory

Construction work at Mercedes-Benz’s first factory in Poland is progressing according to plan.

Next stage of Jawor factory construction preliminary works

The preliminary works at the Jawor factory site have reached their next stage.

First stage of construction begins at Jawor factory site

Pre-Construction works have commenced at the site of the future Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor.

Mercedes-Benz obtained a building permit

On August 4,  Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland obtained a building permit. The proceedings lasting less than a month were initiated after The Decision on Environmental Conditions for the construction of the factory was issued by the Mayor of Jawor.

Cornerstone laying ceremony in Jawor

Mercedes-Benz has started with the construction of its first plant in Poland which will set standards in latest production processes and innovative Industry 4.0. technologies within the global powertrain production.

Daimler officially confirmed plans to build a factory in Poland

Daimler made a final decision concerning the construction of an engine factory in Jawor and signed a plot purchase agreement with Polish partners.

Daimler plans new engine factory in Poland

Daimler corporation is planning to invest around EUR 500 million in a new engine factory in Poland, creating several hundred new workplaces.