1 million engines Made in Jawor!

On January 11th, MBMPL will undoubtedly etch its mark in history. It was on this day that the MILLIONTH engine Made in Jawor rolled off the production line. We wholeheartedly congratulate all production employees and supporting departments on such a remarkable success!But that's not all! Here are a few facts that will make you proudly look at our achievements: 
• All our engines weigh as much as 22 Eiffel Towers, 32 Starship rockets, 383 space stations, 480 Boeing planes, 1,230,769,230 forks, and 3 "Titanic" ships combined! 
• The amount of oil we used for their propulsion – a staggering 8 million liters – could fill two Olympic-sized pools!
We thank the Rework Cold Test Training Center department for these fascinating calculations, which add a new dimension to our accomplishments.Together, we are making history, and each engine that leaves our factory is another step in the continuous development of our company. We are proud of what we have achieved, and let our progress continue because the next million is just the next stage of our ongoing advancement!