The Jawor factory at the conference “New competencies for new times” 

On November 24, 2020, the 3rd National Conference was held to popularize
the activities of the Competence Council within the automotive sector, with
particular emphasis on electromobility.

Best practices and new competencies in the automotive industry, based on the example of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, were presented by Dr. Ewa Łabno-Falęcka. In her speech, she spoke about Industry 4.0 and the factory’s neutral CO2 emissions. She also emphasized the phenomenon of a largely female workforce at the plant in Jawor, where women make up 40% of overall employees, while globally, female employees make up an average of 15% throughout the Mercedes factory network. Conference participants were also invited for a virtual walk around the engine and electric battery factories. The online tour guides were: Thomas Kaiser, Director of Processing, Maintenance and Buildings, and Helmi Marzouk, Head of Battery Production.

The conference was organized by the Association of Automotive and Industrial Articles Employers. Speakers included,  Jarosław Gowin, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, prof. Jerzy Hausner (GAP Foundation) Minister of Development, Labor and Technology, and representatives of the European Commission.