“JTS Jawor” with Mercedes “star” 

On the 20th of February, representatives of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland handed over to the president of the club, Leszek Wawoczny, football kits for the young players of JTS Jawor.

– We support many charity, sport and educational institutions in the Jawor region. Our strategy is to support clubs and care facilities dedicated for those in need, the elderly or children. Organizations taking care of the development of children and youths are particularly important to us. We are happy to help another football club in Jawor. We hope that “the star” will help them in achieving successes. – said Rafał Stasiak from MBMPL, who was present at the ceremony.

As a thank-you gift, company’s representatives received a club T-shirt with signatures of all players. The team will perform in new outfits on the second of March at VII Lower Silesia Indoor Football Tournament “zGRAny Jawor”.

Good luck!