Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland is focused on open communication with local entrepreneurs in Jawor 

From the beginning of the construction of the first Mercedes-Benz engine manufacturing plant in Jawor, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has a policy of open communication and transparency, informing residents, local authorities and business representatives about the next stages of one of the most important investments in the region. This time, the company’s representatives shared information about the current status and schedule of construction work and production starting plans with local entrepreneurs. 

The meeting, which took place on February 2nd in the Berthy Benz room at the Regional Museum in Jawor, was organized on the initiative of Andreas Schenkel, CEO of MBMPL and Dorota Szczęśniewska, President of the Association of Employers in the Jawor Region.

Nearly 40 entrepreneurs participated in the event. Ludwig Franz Pak, from the Organization and Production Management Department of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, discussed issues relatingto the position and strategy of Daimler AG and summarized all actions taken in 2017 relevant to the progress of construction work, team recruitment and development and implementation of the “good corporate citizen” strategy, according to which the company supports the local community, engaging in its most important events and cooperating with local authority representatives and educational institutions.He also presented information on the ultra-modern solutions of “Industry 4.0” that were adopted with interest by participants, which will be used in the Jawor factory, and which are considered to be the next industrial revolution.

 After the information presentation, there was a Q&A session. Most of the questions were related to the possibility of cooperation with local business and the benefits of investment to the region’s economy. The following questions were answered by: Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, Head of Communication & External Affairs and Andreas Schenkel, CEO.

 – This is the second informative meeting organized for local entrepreneurs. I am glad that this time the turnout was good and the participants had many interesting questions. As promised at the beginning, we share with our neighbours and partners the most important facts about the investment, but also such events are a great opportunity to get to know the expectations, hopes and fears associated with the project. Open communication is as important to us as the implementation of plans in accordance with the assumed schedule – said Ewa Łabno-Falęcka.