Mercedes helps Lower Silesian hospitals 

For several years Jawor and Lower Silesia have belonged to the Mercedes family. And as in the family, you have to help yourself. Especially in difficult times of pandemic. That is why Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has supported medical facilities in Lower Silesia both financially and in kind, giving medical supplies, food and cash donations to hospitals in Jawor, Wałbrzych, Bolesławiec, Legnica and Jelenia Góra in the total amount of over PLN 80 000.

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, a company building engine factories  and electric batteries in Jawor, has been actively involved in the local community for 4 years.

In the event of the COVID-19 pandemic threat, Mercedes provided support to medical facilities in the region with a total value of over 80 000 PLN. They received funds, medical equipment and food: Dr Alfred Sokołowski Specialist Hospital in Wałbrzych, Provincial Specialist Hospital in Legnica, Health Care Complex in Bolesławiec, Provincial Hospital Centre of the Jelenia Góra Valley and Jawor Medical Centre.

– Our employees have organized the aid action very efficiently and with great commitment. Monika Szymkiewicz, Daria Szczepańska, Kasia Wawrzyniak,
Ula Roszko and also Ola Kaczor, Marlena Biadała-Domino, Kamila Kaźmierczyk contacted the hospitals and gathered information about the most urgent needs. The gifts were dispatched by Bartosz Żuryński, Jarek Bajor and Janusz Hołowiak from the Central Services Department. Besides medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors, pulsometers or protective visors, we also bought groceries and hygienic for patients and medical staff. I am very proud from my crew! – says Dr. Andreas Schenkel, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.

Medical facilities will also receive financial support from the company.

 – Here we live, work and from here we will soon send motors and batteries to several Mercedes-Benz factories in Europe. Jawor and Lower Silesia already belong to the Mercedes family. And in case of need, the support of the family is obvious – says Ewa Łabno-Falęcka from Mercedes.