Shine bright on the road 

Shine bright on the road! Children from the Kindergarden no. 8 in Jawor know that already, thanks to the workshops regarding safety on the road organized by Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland and The Regional Museum in Jawor.

Moreover, a group of kids visited the District Headquarters of the Fire Brigade, where they learned what kind of threats one can encounter at home, how to act in case of danger and how smoky room looks like.

The second part of the workshops was run by the Manager of The Regional Museum, Katarzyna Doszczak-Fuławka. Children visited the exhibition “Jawor. New chapter in the history of Mercedes-Benz”. They were presented what a passion is and how important is to pursue one’s goals. They also learned about the safety systems of Mercedes-Benz.

Great passion can even lead to inventing a car – as one of the young participants commented… Nothing more, nothing less ?

Workshops are organized in cooperation with The Regional Museum in Jawor and the District Headquarters of the Fire Brigade.

Pictures: The Regional Museum in Jawor