The Mercedes-Benz family: a visit in Affalterbach 

Our engineers of machining and LDS processes with their managers and collegues from Untertürkheim visited the Mercedes-AMG branch in Affalterbach.

The AMG company started as a small plant dealing in sports tuning. Currently, AMG has been a part of Daimler AG for almost 15 years where it plays a key role in the development of sport versions of Mercedes-Benz cars. As their representatives emphasise, AMG should not only be linked with tuning, but with a comprehensive approach during design at all stages of product implementation, thanks to which the produced cars combine both the comfort and quality of the Mercedes-Benz brand with the sporty character and driving performance of AMG.

The visit started with getting to know the history of the company, after that factory and cabin for hot test were presented. The stay at the AMG headquarters allowed for a closer look into area of company’s activity, test methods on finished engines as well as production process method involving the assembly of each single AMG engine by one person. To meet this “One man – One engine” production method, 175 from over 2000 employees are dedicated mechanics.

A very nice surprise was the visible Polish flag in front of the company’s headquarters due to our visit. A stay at Mercedes-AMG plant was an interesting experience for all participants from both the engineer and customer point of view.