The second patronage class of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland – an electromechanical – has started 

The Mercedes-Benz factory supports education in the region. Since 2019, mechatronics are trained at the Poviat Vocational and Continuing Education Center in Jawor, under the patronage of the engine factory. This year, another educational project of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland has started. On September 1, 13 students began their education at the Automotive School Complex in Legnica, who will prepare themselves for the profession of an electromechanical technician. This time they will be supported by a battery factory. Graduates of the Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland patronage class with an electromechanical profile after 3 years of study will assess the technical condition of vehicles, service, diagnose, repair, and install electrical and electronic systems of cars. They will also be prepared for the state driving test. A modern training program, developed by specialists from the Mercedes school and plant in Jawor, provides for apprenticeships in a battery factory and acquiring skills on professional equipment.