World Health and Safety Day at Work 

On April 28, we celebrated World Health and Safety Day at Work, which was established in 2003 by the International Labour Organization. On this occasion, an exceptional meeting took place at the engine factory in Jawor, in which representatives from Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland, representatives from the main contractors of investors and inspectors of the National Labour Inspectorate participated. At the beginning, all the participants took part in an hour-long celebration of the entire construction site, which allowed them to become familiar with the scope of works at each part of the investment. Later, the construction manager Andrzej Glinka presented the current status of works and functioning of entities present at the construction site, and the health and safety coordinator Tomasz Koncewicz discussed  key aspects of occupational health and safety. From the other side, PIP inspectors raised issues of general security on construction sites in Poland and the legalities involved in employment during their presentation.

Employers, in accordance with applicable law, are responsible for the health and safety of their employees at work in their companies. Therefore, every employer should constantly bear in mind employee safety and think about what else can be done in the place of employment to avoid accidental events or the emergence of occupational diseases. The obvious standard is proper training and identification of hazards at a given workplace, which will allow the employee to acquire the necessary knowledge for the safe and hygienic performance of their duties. Another issue is to provide the employee with appropriate protective measures and enforce use of this, because in this way it is possible to minimize the risk of occupational diseases, accident prevention and reduce its possible consequences.

Pictures: Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland