Gottlieb Daimler Street 5 – a new address on the map of Jawor 

Since last Friday, the newly built Mercedes factory in Jawor has a new address: Gottlieb Daimler Street 5. A brilliant constructor and engineer, one of the company’s and brand’s founders, recalls the more than 130-year history of motorization.

A plate with the name and street number was hung by a team of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland employees with CEO, Andreas Schenkel. Two factories are built at “Gottlieb Daimler Street 5”: conventional engines and electric batteries for passenger cars. Currently, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland employs nearly 400 people, 38 percent of which are women. Ultimately, more than 1,000 people will be employed in the engine factory, and another 300 in the battery factory. Information on recruitment is published on the website