Weekend with bread, gingerbread and … Mercedes! 

Weekend with bread, gingerbread and … Mercedes!

The Feast of Bread and Gingerbread is one of the most important events in Jawor. For the second time Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland joined the celebration. The company’s stand has gingerbreads with a logo in the shape of a three-pointed star, which are slowly becoming a local tradition. MBMPL invited participants to talk about a professional future and an exciting city game.

MBMPL debuted at the annual Bread and Gingerbread Festival a year ago. Apart from pastries prepared by local masters of baking and confectionery, the main attraction of the stand was a quiz about the history of the brand, the region of Jawor and the future of the Mercedes-Benz engine factory, which is currently being constructed.

This year, MBMPL offered even more attractions. Local pastries as well as discussions about job opportunities at the Jawor factory were very popular, in cooperation with Randstad. The company wants to reach as many interested candidates as possible with its recruitment offer, hence the combination of “enjoyable and useful” and the use of a booth for discussions about a professional career. Several hundred people have taken up this opportunity! 

However, most thrilling was the specially prepared game for the Gingerbread and Gingerbread Festival “Play for the weekend with a Mercedes” with a very attractive main prize, hidden in an encrypted safe. In order to reach it, all the letters of the key-code, hidden in various places in Jawor, had to be obtained. 

Participants received a map with checkpoints where various tasks had to be performed. For example, in the Regional Museum, a quiz about the history of the Mercedes-Benz brand had to be solved, in the City Park – to recognize species of solemnly planted symbolic trees, and at the Municipal Stadium to score 5 goals. In addition, at various points in Jawor (eg at the historic fountain in the City Park), single letters needed to crack the password to open the safe were hidden. There was something to fight for! The main prize in the game was a weekend stay at the 4-star Holiday Inn Dąbrowa Górnicza, tickets to the Aquapark “Nemo” and rental of the Mercedes-Benz GLA, to allow the winners will reach their destination comfortably and safely. 

In the Saturday play “Play for the weekend with Mercedes” 5 teams took part. The winners of the first place were team No. 4. The winners in the shortest time (55 min.) visited all 9 checkpoints, flawlessly performed the tasks hidden there and got the password. Second place was taken by team No. 2, third – No. 3. The winners were given bags full of Mercedes-Benz gadgets.

The Holiday Inn Dąbrowa Górnicza and Mercedes-Benz Duda-Cars Wrocław were partners in the city game.