The participants of the “EkoGwiazda / Jawor edition” competition will be dealing with electro-waste this year.

What is electro-waste? How to deal with it? What are the risks to the environment and humans without proper recycling? These questions will be answered by the participants from the EkoGwiazda / Jawor edition.

Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland invites students from the Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych districts to participate in joint activities for the protection of the natural world. Valuable prizes await!

Electro-waste, i.e. waste, unused or unnecessary electronic and electrical equipment is extremely harmful. They contain many poisonous substances that pollute the environment and pose a threat to both human and animal health. 20% of electronic waste around the world is recycled each year, according to the UN. The remaining 40 million tones end up in landfills, where they are incinerated or improperly disposed of. It shows that for every person on Earth there is an average of 7.3 kg of electro-waste.

For the fourth time, Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland announces the EkoGwiazda / Jawor edition competition and invites students of all secondary schools from the Jawor, Legnica, Świdnica and Wałbrzych districts to participate. As in previous years, the task of the participants is to make a short film promoting pro-ecological attitudes. This time, of course, the topic is electro-waste.

Probably everyone will find a spent light bulb or used batteries at home. Some probably an old mobile phone, a broken electric train, a calculator, a computer… Choosing the topic of this year’s edition of the EkoGwiazda / Jawor edition, we wanted young people to realize how dangerous it is for our health to throw such waste into forests or ordinary containers, and we also mobilize them to find out where in the region they can safely leave this type of equipment. Lower Silesia is our home, we are responsible for it and we want to protect it. – says Dr. Andreas Schenkel, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland.

The deadline for submitting applications is June 2, 2021. Competition works, which should be prepared by June 17, will be judged this year by a Jury composed of Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland: Dr. Andreas Schenkel, Wojciech Tadla, Sanda Buryś, Marcin Dziubek Natalia Pińczuk and the local government office, Mrs. Aneta Kucharzyk. The winner will receive a MacBook Air 13 ”. All finalists will also be awarded.