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The first Mercedes-Benz’s engine factory in Poland is located in Jawor, which is situated west of Wrocław in the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone. The plant is take out part of the newly established Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland company, and it produces four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines and electric batteries for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. The state-of-the-art factory combines the highest standards in the automotive industry with the idea of Industry 4.0, and its launch increases the company’s manufacturing capacity in Eastern Europe as well as flexibility and effectiveness of the global production network of Mercedes-Benz. Construction works began in 2017.

The value of the investment of Mercedes-Benz AG in Jawor is around EUR 600 million, that is over PLN 2,5 billion. The opening of such a modern plant is more than simply an investment in its construction. The factory in Jawor is also creates more than 1000 new, highly qualified workplaces, each of which generates additional room for cooperation with, subcontractors, and service providers in the region. The company is also organizing a range of educational activities for students and teachers from the region, with the objective of raising qualifications of technical schools’ graduates. Training of future Polish employees by qualified experts from Germany allows for the transfer of skills and knowledge regarding technological and organisational innovations, as well as up-to-date management methods, contributing to further growth in productivity of the region’s economy.The plant in Jawor become the next site in Mercedes-Benz’s network of power unit factories, which includes many German and international plants. Untertürkheim, which produces, engines, gear boxes, axles, and related components, is a leading factory. Whereas the plant in Berlin specialises in the development and production of ultramodern components and parts, as well as the manufacturing of power units. Mercedes-Benz in Hamburg develops and manufactures drive axles and their elements, as well as steering columns, exhaust system parts, and light construction elements. MDC Power engine factory in Kölleda in Thuringia, Germany – a subsidiary wholly owned by Mercedes-Benz AG – produces four-cylinder engines for Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG cars.

Mercedes-Benz network of factories also includes numerous plants outside Germany, i.e. Star Transmission in Romania – a subsidiary of Daimler, which assembles gear boxes and manufactures parts and components, or a joint venture company BBAC in Beijing, which produces engines for the local market in China. While Infiniti produces four-cylinder gasoline units for Mercedes-Benz in its factory in Decherd, Tennessee (USA) as part of strategic cooperation between Daimler and the Renault-Nissan alliance.